How To Improve Your Restaurant

The service industry is very dynamic, for this reason, the owner should continually review ways of improving the restaurant service to maintain the customers. The hotel industry is unique because you are selling the experience; it is this that will determine the attitude of the clients towards your business. The hotel has to give the client more than his or her expectation and never forget that the customer is always right. It is very contradictory because you may think that you have given more than experience only to be surprised that the client is not satisfied. This article has taken into account the critical issues and how you can improve the service.

The guide will take two positions, one of the owners and another for the staff.

The Owner

Have the guideline of what excellent service is and write them down; have clear service goals, steps to providing quality services and the performance expectation; this will help to shape the direction of the business because it has included the staff to know the goals.

Provide tools; you cannot expect your team to work when you are not providing the right tools when need. It hinders the production and makes your staff work without motivation.

Employ staff with a heart of hospitality; there are so many institutions that are offering the hospitality course, the best way to cultivate your team is by collaborating with the institutions by providing internship this will give you diverse staff to choose.

The OwnerGet help from a hospitality consultant; the industry is very trendy therefore you may require a consultant to help you on how to keep up with the trends and the new technology innovations.

Teach service every day; focus on inspiring your staff to improve the service daily. Change is never instant it is a gradual process.

Always reward your team for high performance; it will keep them motivated and strive to improve even more. Create incentives such as gift cards. When you pay your staff, you have rewarded even the clients because they will have significant experience. Always empower your team to give more to the clients following the work ethics.

Always follow up on problems; if the customer or staffs raise an issue, ensure to solve the problem sooner to avoid more troubles.

The staff

The staffAlways say hello and smile to the clients; by saluting them, you are diluting the attitude of the client and making them feel comfortable. It is evident if you go to a restaurant whose staff smile and salute you are likely to go back.

Relax when serving a client; by relaxing your confidence builds up and you can respond to the client positively and confidently.

Always listen and apologize; if the client is unsatisfied, the first thing is to hear and apologize. By understanding, the clients feel that his view or concerns are taken seriously and that you are sorry. Promise that there will be no such encounter in the future. The best way to apologize is by giving a discount, a freebie or redoing the service again.

Play around with the menu; as a staff, one should be creative and provide unique service by playing around with the list, this is more sensible if the clients want something out of the ordinary.

Working as a team will always improve the service of a hotel. Encourage feedback from your clients or other experienced staff. Ensure that there is clear communication. Do not let your right hand do things that the left side cannot do.