6 Must See Bars in New York

New York is famous for its sophisticated and contemporary approach to hospitality. This is a city which exceeds all expectations regarding bars, themes, and service. The Big Apple is a melting pot of surprises and they just keep coming. We have comprised a list of the top locations in New York. We have based our decisions on what people tend to enjoy the most.

  1. Experimental Bars

Posh Bar

This gay bar is the perfect amalgam of what New York stands for. It is a mixture of the sophisticated and the avant-garde. They have a different theme for each day of the week and provide their guests with impeccable service. They have a friendly and welcoming attitude and some compelling happy hour offers. They have also offer dinner and a drag show.

  1. Thematic Bars

Otto’s Shrunken Head

This bar is a creative rendition of a Tiki bar. It is traditional in the sense that it serves rum-based cocktails. Yet it is contemporary in its interior design and choice of music. They employ different DJs and sometimes have live bands. Their range of music is eclectic and fits all audiences. Don’t be surprised if you hear Rockabilly blasting from Otto’s, or some relaxing lounge music. They also have a variety of events such as open mic nights, poetry nights, film screenings, karaoke etc.


  1. Rooftop Bars


As far as bars with a view, we have a suggestion. A rooftop bar New York is proud to present is, of course, the Castell bar which is located in midtown Manhattan. The atmosphere is relaxing and casual, and the service is great. You will enjoy some great drinks along with an irreplaceable view of the New York skyline.

  1. Casual Bars


Located in East Village, this bar is considered a grungy aftermath of a previous era. It is reminiscent of the casual carefree atmosphere of the 90s, so you will surely find a younger crowd at 7B. Nevertheless, they will always have older guests enjoying the jukebox and a wide selection of beer. What is more, this bar has been featured in several movies, including Crocodile Dundee.

  1. Unique Bars

Dead Rabbit

This bar can be found in the Financial District of New York and is quite original. Though its design is based on 19th-century aesthetics, it is regarded as a fairly contemporary place. For some patrons, the Dead Rabbit is about being reminiscent of a traditional Irish pub and having a selection of beers. For others, it is about the unconventional style and wacky design. This beloved eccentric place also has a great variety of cocktails.

  1. Traditional Bars


This bar is located in the Washington Heights and represents the traditional bar style. It also has an Irish flair to it, wooden saloon-like design, and a wide variety of patrons. Traditional places like this one are loved and visited by everyone – from professors to musicians, even actors. Coogan’s is revered for providing people with a warm atmosphere and excellent service, and for serving great gourmet food.