5 Healthy Meal Delivery Services in Miami

Let’s face it, preparing a meal can be a chore and these days, people have a busy schedule and don’t have ample time to plan, leave alone to prepare meals for their families. Besides, we are in the 21st where most people are glued to their screens playing their favorite video games, chatting with their friends on social media or watching the latest TV series. That way, some people find it more convincing to eat snacks, which, according to health professionals may not be good for their health. If you are short of time, we have good news for you as Miami has an abundance of top-notch meal delivery services and here are the top five options you can choose from.

  1. Deliver Lean

healthy-dinnerIf you’ve been searching for the best meal delivery service in Miami, your search ends here as Deliver Lean got you covered. Deliver Lean is a powerhouse and offers more than 150 different menu items for you to choose from every week. Interestingly, you can choose your preferred delivery frequency, that is, daily, bi-weekly or monthly, as well as your meal type; vegetarian, Paleo, vegan, organic protein, gluten-free or classic. After choosing what to eat, it will be prepared from scratch by their culinary team and will be delivered to your doorstep on time.

  1. Fresh Meal Plan

If you are in South Florida, you don’t have a reason to sacrifice nutrition for convenience as Fresh Meal Plan is there to deliver healthy and fresh meals. Every week, Fresh Meal Plan posts new menus consisting of a variety of delicious meal for you to choose from and whatever it is you decide, it will be delivered to you at the right time. To make it even more interesting, they deliver food chilled in insulated packaging, thus making it easier to transfer them to your refrigerator and heat when it’s time to eat. You can choose from traditional, paleo, vegetarian, lean and mean, as well as keto.

  1. Catered Fit

Did you know that you can choose your favorite meals and place your orders at the palms of hands? Well, Catered Fit is one of the best meal delivery services with an app that’s compatible with a smartphone. All you need to do is choose your meal plan that fits your lifestyle from the available options such as classic, combo, meatless and classic and it will be delivered to you.

  1. Fit 2 Go

Fit 2 Go is a healthy meal service that caters for individuals with fixed schedules yet concerned about healthy eating. This service encourages people to improve their lives through healthy eating habits that revolve around convenience, balance and portion control. The meals are prepared every day from Monday through Friday and delivered fresh in individual microwave/recyclable safe containers and their nutritional information is well displayed. This pay as you go option is not only customizable but also flexible and allows you to easily change meals without paying an additional fee.

  1. Miami Fit Box

Miami Fit Box was created with an objective of helping individuals who are struggling to put healthy meals on the table just because they don’t like cooking or are too busy to cook. Being busy as you try to make ends meet should not prevent anyone from eating healthy and Miami Fit Box is there to shop, cook and deliver high-quality, delicious, freshly made and ready to eat food for you.