Strawberry and Lime Moscato Mixer Recipe

Mixer recipes are one of the best drinks to make for parties. They are very straightforward to make, and they have an exceptional taste. The best thing about it is that you can put everything into a mixer and that’s all. You don’t have to perform as a bartender the whole night. Instead, you get to enjoy the party with friends while drinking the super tasty easily blended drinks. This strawberry and lime Moscato mixer recipe is one of the most excellent. It is an adaptation that has been crafted many times that can’t even be counted. The mixer recipe will keep you asking for more. It is a straightforward recipe that I think you will make it a must-have in all your parties. For me it has.

What Is Moscato?

It is a sweet Italian wine famous for its flowery aromas. The wines are as well known for their nectarine flavors, orange blossom, and peach.

Some of the best Moscato wine recipes include Raspberry Mint Moscato Lemonade, Pina Colada Sangria, Holiday Sangria, Peach and Raspberry Moscato Punch, and Tropical Moscato Sangria.

When you mix that italian moscato wine with lime juice and fresh strawberry you get an excellent drink. If it is not the season for strawberries in your locality, you can use frozen berries, but this mixer recipe is better when using fresh strawberries.

With the high amount of sweetness from strawberries and wine, the perfect addition to this blend is the lime juice to punch through the sweetness. Then, fill every glass with a lemon-flavored non-caffeinated drink like 7 Up. Congratulations! You will have the most excellent Moscato mixer recipe around! And if you would instead go for spirits in your blend, there are various rum punch recipes around that you can choose from.

What Is Needed to Create This Strawberry and Lime Moscato Mixer Recipe?

Pitcher: Pitcher drinks are fantastic, and this pitcher regularly gets thumbs up from readers and colleagues.

Measuring Cup: Measuring cups are kitchen tools everybody requires. This toolset ensures that you can measure the exact amount of liquid needed for your recipe – and they almost last forever.

Knives: Every home cook needs to have a good set of kitchen knives. A good set includes a group of large blades that are perfect for all the cutting, chopping, and slicing needs, steak knives, and a knife block.

Chopping Board: Every home cook requires a considerable-sized cutting board. It is sturdy and thick to make all your recipe preparation activities a walkover.


Strawberry and lime Moscato punch contains the sweet aroma of your favorite Moscato wine with an excellent strawberry lime relish. This is a straightforward Moscato mixer recipe, great for entertaining

Course: Cocktail

Preparation time: 5 mins

Servings: 8


· 1 liters of Moscato wine

· 2 liters of lemon-flavored non-caffeinated drink

· I lime cut into rounded pieces

· I cup of diced strawberries

· I cup of sliced strawberries

· 1 can of distilled and defrosted frozen limeade.


1. Put cup of limeade and 1 cup of diced strawberries in the mixer and blend

2. Remove the seeds by running through a filter in the blend

3. Put the mixture into a pitcher and add the remaining Moscato and limeade

4. Garnish using lime slices and strawberry

5. Store in the fridge

6. When it is ready to serve, pour the blend into serving glasses and top up with the non-caffeinated soft drink.

Making the best strawberry and lime Moscato punch is that easy.